Who are we?

Impact Communication is a Swedish, Stockholm-based marketing and communication agency. Although most of our customers are within the healthcare industry we have assignments in other areas as well.

We have a large network of physicians, nurses and other experts enabling us to effectively manage even the most complex projects and requests.

With our solid market knowledge, experience and network we effectively customize international materials and campaigns to Swedish and Nordic standards. In doing so, we take into account both legal aspects and cultural differences, which we know, are essential to ensure successful outcome of any project.

Each one of us working at Impact feels great commitment to our work and to you as a customer, which is why we are more than willing to do that ”little extra” to ensure that our assignments meet your expectations. We have many ideas, both big and small and we always find creative solutions that make a difference!

Apart from our genuine knowledge from the healthcare industry, we have ample experience in advertising, PR and media. We also have a strong track record of developing successful educational programs for healthcare professionals in a number of different therapy areas.

Having multilingual competencies, we gladly take assignments in Swedish, English, French and Spanish. We currently have several on-going Nordic projects within different therapy areas.

Thanks to our solid experience from the healthcare industry, our competencies in advertising, PR/media and our educational focus we currently work with several projects focusing on strategic marketing and communication.

In short, we are skilled in developing effective marketing communication and have the ability to adapt our solutions to meet your needs.

What we do

First of all, we truly enjoy what we do! We like popping ideas and seeing them develop into successful results for you as a customer. In a larger perspective, we hope that we will, through our work, contribute to increased awareness and knowledge among physicians, healthcare personnel and the general public about a number of important therapy areas.

Today, we build our business on three pillars:
• PR/Media
• Advertising
• Educational programs

We plan and arrange different PR activities, write articles, press releases and host various seminars focusing on different target groups.
Förmaksflimmer.com (dedicated to atrial fibrillation) and Kvinnosidan.se (dedicated to diseases affecting primarily women) are examples of our own web pages targeting patients and the general public with the aim of increasing knowledge about different diseases. These informational sites are product neutral and highly appreciated by both patients and healthcare personnel. Through Förmaksflimmer.com and in collaboration with the Heart & Lung association (Hjärt- och Lungsjukas Riksförbund), we arrange national seminars with the purpose of spreading objective medical information about the disease, its diagnosis and treatment alternatives.

To meet the extensive need for information within a number of different diseases, we are developing new information portals to be launched in a near future. Our ambition with these portals is to become the first hand choice among patients and the general public in gathering disease information Curious? Take a look at Förmaksflimmer.com or Kvinnosidan.se.

Among our customers we have both large and small companies and our assignments vary from large product launches to smaller projects. Our customers appreciate the way in which we quickly and effectively deliver on our commitments and always think one step ahead.

Educational programs
We develop educational and product neutral trainings in different therapy areas. Our programs address educational needs among physicians and other healthcare personnel. Mostly, our trainings are ordered by the healthcare industry but we can also develop programs in collaboration with other healthcare institutions, such as public and private caregivers. We have medical competencies and we are used to work in close collaboration with physicians, nurses and healthcare institutions in general.

Your success is our success

To succeed in reaching out with a message, a campaign or a completely new concept can be quite challenging in today´s constant flow of information. It demands a lot from you as a marketer and we at Impact Communication know that!

Some of us have solid experience from sales and marketing positions within the pharmaceutical and/or medical device industries, which is why we truly understand your needs and requirements.

Solutions that suit you!

Communication is the core of our business and permeates everything we do.

We believe that successful communication requires a great deal of listening from our side to ensure that we truly understand what you want to achieve.

An open and direct communication in our project teams is essential for us so that we can deliver the creative solutions you are looking for.

We are responsive to our environment and keep updated on trends, exciting developments and other impulses that provide us with new important insights and approaches in our work.

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